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Who are we? We provide technology to people with disablities through Medicaid programs like Medicaid ID/DD Waivers, the Individual Family Support Program or an approved Medicaid program.

Area we serve? We serve throughout Northen Virginia. In most cases we hand deliver your products. Please recommend us to your case manager or facilitator to provide you the technology too succeed.

What is Assistive Technology? It is a device that will allow a person to complete a task or make the task easier. Low-tech equipment are in-expensive simple devices that can be made at home and do not require training. For instance, a device to hold a cup or plate. High-tech devices are purchased and most times require training for both the user and provider such as an iPad or Tablet with supporting apps.
What is Augmentative Communication Technology? Simply put, it is for people to communicate with others. There are many devices available, from simple pointing devices to high-tech devices that can speak for the user. Like the Assistive Technology, high-tech devices are purchased and most times require training for both the user and provider.

If you are obtaining funding via the Individual and Family Support Program (IFSP) and getting Assistive Technology, allow us to be your provider. Download the 2014 form that will have our billing information already on the it. Request your quote from us! Thank you!

Click for the ISFP Form IFSP Q and AIFSP Directions


Game apps for the iPad, Android or other device. More to come...


Apps that listen to you and speak so you can be heard. More to come...


Apps to help you learn. More to come...